Lucy's Gift set !!!

2013.12.08 Sunday


    2 cookie pack set ¥ 1,000
    Oatmeal Raisin and Peanut Butter cookies

    Lucy's deluxe set ¥ 3,000...
    2 cookie pack set plus 2 can of Stockholm Teas and a bag of Lucy's Coffee beans

    Available at Lucy's.
    Please order 2 days ahead.


    Lucy's New Baked Goods !!!

    2013.12.08 Sunday


       For Christmas time...
        Winter ginger cookies in a cup.
       Also... Apple Butter Muffin!
       Great for tea time or coffee break at home or the office.

      2013 Holiday Season Cakes!

      2013.11.28 Thursday


        Lucy's Bakery としては初めてのクリスマス、毎年ご好評頂いているストロベリーショートケーキに加え、今年は定番のメープルシフォンケーキとチョコレートシフォンケーキも仲間入りしました。
        ご予約はLucy's Bakery、Bubble Over、 Troubadourの各店舗で受け付けていますのでお早めにご予約ください。

        Strawberry Short Cake
        Lucy's original Christmas Cake.
        15cm 5,800 yen     21cm 7,800 yen

        Maple Chiffon Cake
        15cm 3,300 yen     21cm 4,700 yen

        Chocolate Chiffon Cake
        15cm 3,300 yen     21cm 4,700 yen

        These holiday cakes will bring joy to your table and cheer to all who enjoy them.

        Happy Holidays to you from Lucy's.

        ※The holiday cakes in the picture are 15cm size.